Storage and Data Transfer


The MEMORI storage cluster was created with the help of an NSF MRI grant (Grant#).  The cluster has a raw capacity of 7.5 PB.  Storage on the memori cluster is highly redundant, and the ORC will maintain a regularly scheduled backup copy of any data.  Storage from this cluster is provided to researchers on a cost-recovery basis, at a base rate of $50 per terabyte per year. For large storage purchases, a sliding scale can be negotiated based on the amount of storage purchased.  MEMORI storage can be provisioned via a number of methods: as a block device attached to a VM hosted by the ORC, as a POSIX file system mounted on the Argo HPC cluster, or as a share provided via the ORC FileCloud server.


When purchasing storage from MEMORI researchers have the option to have their storage available through the ORC FileCloud server.  The FileCloud server provides desktop access and sharing capabilities similar to commercial storage providers such as Box and Dropbox.

If you are interested in purchasing storage from our cluster please submit a help request to schedule a consultation.


The ORC operates a GitLab server that is available to all researchers at Mason at no cost.  Please submit a help request for assistance accessing this service.

Data Transfer
GUI and Command Line File Transfer

File transfer between ORC systems and between ORC systems and end-user systems generally performed using command line file transfer. Larger files can be transferred using GLOBUS.


Mason is a subscriber to the Globus research data management service. Globus provides tools and an easy-to-use interface to securely facilitate parallel, load-balanced, fault-tolerant data transfers ranging from Megabytes to Petabytes in volume.  The Globus Connect portal can be used to transfer data across different clusters such as XSEDE, ARGO, NCAR, etc. It can also be used to transfer data between a personal desktop/laptop and a cluster such as ARGO.  Detailed information on using Globus at Mason can be found on the ORC Wiki.