Training Tutorials and Workshops

*During the current COVID-19 pandemic, tutorialS AND WORKSHOPS ARE being held online only.
ORC Regularly Scheduled:
New User Tutorial

The current schedule for the new user tutorial is twice weekly, Tuesdays at 2:00 PM and Thursdays at 4:00 PM.  An email invitation to each meeting is sent out to all pending new user accounts in advance of each meeting time. If neither time is possible, then arrangements can be made to hold additional tutorials. Please submit a help request if you need to arrange a different time.

ORC by Appointment

ORC can offer one-on-one or small group tutorials covering several topics, including SLURM job submission, Python, and R. Please submit a help request to set up an appointment.

Other GMU Training and Workshops

Mason Libraries hosts many workshops and training sessions many of which may be of interest to research computing users.  The sidebar on this page contains a selection of upcoming library-sponsored workshops. You can view the full calendar at the  Mason Libraries’ site. You must register for these workshops, this can be done from the Library Calendar page.

Training and Workshop External to Mason

The XSEDE project has a very active list of training opportunities and workshops. You can find the current list of training events on the XSEDE user training website.​  XSEDE training is free and generally open to all, however, you must create an XSEDE portal account to be able to register for any training events.

The Carpentries

The Carpentries is a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster the necessary skills for robust, open, and reproducible research.  There are separate organizations dedicated to different fields such as software, data, and library science. The Carpentries workshops are usually presented on-site.  If there is sufficient interest, we can arrange for Mason to host workshops.

A list of training events run by the Software Carpentries can be found on the Software Carpentry website. Likewise, a list of Data Carpentry training events can be found on the Data Carpentry website.