The mission of the Office of Research Computing is to provide university-wide support for research computing.   Institutionally, it reports to both the VP for Information Technology and the VP for Research, and as such is well-positioned to play a coordinating role for the many varied aspects of research computing, including:

  • Providing pre-award support for computationally oriented research proposals.
  • Providing on-campus infrastructure to support a heterogeneous collection of research computing equipment.
  • Providing infrastructure support for the ever increasing demands by funding agencies to maintain accessible repositories of research data.
  • Providing the infrastructure to access to off-campus computing facilities.
  • Providing post-award support for computationally oriented research proposals.
  • Providing licensing support for research-oriented software.

The strategy for accomplishing this is to leverage off the existing support for research computing by providing a coordinated and coherent infrastructure that connects existing research computing activities that have developed over time in a somewhat ad hoc and opportunistic manner.