In order to facilitate multi-university research activites, ITU is working on providing Federated IDs authentication.  ITU has finalized access procedures through EDUROAM for visiting researchers from other universities.  EDUROAM allows  GMU faculty, staff and students to access the “eduroam” wireless service in a participating University by using their GMU netId credentials.   Similarly, visiting researchers, staff and students from participating Universities will have access to GMU resources using their home institution credentials.  More details about how to use EDUROAM available at this GMU website.

If the visiting Researcher’s home institution does not participate in EDUROAM, then in order to help visiting Researchers access GMU facilities, a GMU faculty member can sponsor the visiting researcher for a VPN account, by filling out this form on the ITU website.

Science DMZ is a network designed for exchanging large research data between institutions.  GMU does maintain a research network that is designed for big-data transfers.  Currently, this research network does support most parts of the Science DMZ with the exception of  100G networking and software defined networking.  These may be available in the future.  If any of the GMU researchers are interested in such a network, please contact Network Engineering.  The relevant forms are available at this ITU website.