Data Management:

Research granting agencies continue to “raise the bar” in terms of requirements for managing the products of funded grants. Traditionally, this has been in the form of archival publications. More recently there has been an added expectation to organize and archive the data generated by funded research. Since more and more research has a strong computational component, there is also an increasing expectation to organize and archive the software developed by research activities. In addition, the increasing ability to automate the generation of and/or the collection of large amounts of data has led to “big data” issues: how to organize and archive massive amounts of data.

The GMU University Libraries provide data management expertise and support.  For general data services, click here.  If you are interested in Data Management (archiving), go here.

University Libraries also provides access to the DMPTool which grant applicants can use to help develop their Funding Agency Mandated Data Management plans. GMU has been setup as one of the participating university. To get started, visit this website.

For more information on Data Management handbooks and tutorials, please visit this website.