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Quantum Week @ Virtual Online Meeting
Apr 19 @ 10:19 PM – Apr 21 @ 11:19 PM

Quantum Week

The Quantum Week is a multi-day event hosted by the QSEC in order to recognize the work that creates awe-inspiring quantum technologies today and in the future. It is a time for everyone to get together, celebrate, and wonder what the next big thing will be in the 2nd quantum revolutionary. It is also an excellent opportunity for educators to inspire students by engaging them in hands-on quantum outreach and show them that their school subjects can help solve real, important problems, therefore encourage students to consider a quantum-related career.

The Quantum week will kick-off virtually on the week of 4/19/2021. It will be a virtual conference-style event that consists of technical seminars, tech showcases, and research posters, industry and education info sessions and info booths, and casual talks and hangouts in a virtual lobby. The organizer will invite academic scholars, industry researchers, entrepreneurs, and Mason students to discuss state-of-the-art technologies, business visions, and education and career opportunities.

Below is a tentative agenda for Quantum Week.

  • 4/19/2021 – 4/21/2021: QSEC seminar open house
    • 3 pm, 4/19/2021: Condensed Matter Seminar (TBD)
    • 12 pm, 4/20/2021: Quantum Computing Seminar: A quantum algorithms for the min-gap scheduling problem
  • 4/22/2021: Quantum in general and quantum computing
    • 09:00 am. Introduction to the world of Quantum
    • 09:30 am. Quantum Computing: what is it
    • 10:00 am. Research showcase #1
    • 10:20 am. Research showcase #2
    • 10:40 am. Program a real quantum computer: Qiskit introduction
    • 11:00 am. Career Panel: quantum computing
    • 12:00 pm. Lunch break
    • 01:00 pm. poster session, tech showcase, career booth: quantum computing and quantum communication
  • 4/23/2021: Quantum Materials and sensing
    • 09:00 am. Quantum Material introduction
    • 09:30 am. Materials discovery
    • 10:00 am. Sensing with quantum materials, lab tour
    • 10:30 am. Sensing with quantum entanglement
    • 11:00 am. Career Panel: quantum materials and hardware
    • 12:00 pm. Lunch break
    • 01:00 pm. poster session, tech showcase, career booth: quantum materials and sensing